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Float Benefits

There are numerous ways floating can be an essential part of a holistic self-care practice. Our cabins contain a highly saturated solution of Epsom salt and purified water. By eliminating sensory input: light, sound, touch, temperature and gravity, floating allows the body to shift from a "doing" mode to a "being" mode. If you have ever struggled with meditation or already have a dedicated practice, floating is one of the most efficient ways to total relaxation. 


  • Release of chronic muscle tension

  • Weightlessness takes all pressure off the joints

  • Increased Immune system health

  • Absorption of Magnesium, a mineral most people are deficient in.

  • Improved athletic performance

  • Better and deeper sleep

Mental ~Emotional 

  • Increased focus, creativity, and inspiration

  • Enhanced sense of well-being

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety and depression


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